Capturing The Essence

Do you remember the last time you accidentally slipped into the space of limitlessness and suddenly you could see a new possibility that was not there before? Childlike awe and wonder races through your mind so fast fear can’t catch it. You recognize untapped potential and the ideas are coming fast and furious.


The Universe is communicating … and when you can be still, be quiet, and listen … it has something say about who you are and what’s possible. Contracted states like fear, anxiety, pettiness, and being hyper-critical are barriers. So is chronic busyness and distraction. Highly charged emotions like anger, hatred, unforgiveness, or depressed ones like complacency and self-pity push you further away from your internal place of power where you can hear the messages from the Universe.

Basically, negative emotions prevent us from experiencing the inner kingdoms that include lucid clarity, genius, creativity, and spontaneous healing. Sometimes, extreme anguish and mental pain can open the door for Surrender. Without warning, you are swept away from the cares of this world and you are standing in heaven’s foyer and it feels amazing. It’s odd because in this peacefully empowered place, you feel … at home. You feel like yourself again.


It was 1989. I was sitting on the sofa crying as my then-husband walked out the door slamming it behind him. I started to cry like I always do when he would leave. The pattern was set, infidelity, the drug issue, the confrontation followed by a brief separation where he would be sorry and I would always take him back.

But this time the story arc changed. Maybe reading Tina Turner’s biography jarred me out of the trance, or maybe mentoring a young group of teens as we prepared to make a music video had lifted my spirits, or maybe it was the sense of self-love that was beginning to take root … but that day was different.

Suddenly, a sweet velvety peace and stillness swooped me up and I stopped crying. I received a message that was so clear I remember it to this very day. The Silence spoke to me without words and it said, “You’re prayer has been answered.”

In that moment, I was enveloped in the Presence of the I AM and I just sat there peacefully soaking it all in. That was when my first marriage ended on the highest most beautiful note you could imagine. My prayer was answered, I was free.


I have experienced this still peaceful place of no-thoughts accompanied by perfect understanding several times since then. In fact, it’s how my first husband was removed from my life and 10 years later my now-husband of almost 20 years was literally dropped into my life via a postcard. The dating service sent me a postcard to let me know this man wanted to meet me. We met for lunch on December 6th and we were engaged Dec 31st. That was 20 years ago. We laugh cause it sure doesn’t feel like it.

There are ways to intentionally silence the mind chatter, release the toxic emotions and allow the Divine to have a Word with you. “Sweetie, can stop scrolling through your social media timeline for a bit so we can talk?”

Isn’t it something how we can fill every free moment of the day with distractions and mental dross.

Being externally focused or having a meaningless monologue running non-stop inside your own head, that’s a ploy to keep you from making a deeper connection with your Light. It’s a highly effective strategy to keep the masses enraptured in the social trance as we travel the road to … nowhere.

If you have somehow found yourself here reading this. It’s time. All the preparations have been completed but you still have a few pre-requisite courses to complete so that the Essence of who you are can come out and play. The Universe frequently sends out invites and altars the curriculum to accelerate the alignment to your higher purpose. My advice is to avoid that if you can. It’s the equivalent of the cosmic wake-up call that turns your life upside down.


It’s time to start co-creating a higher perspective of your life’s story. There are things you need to understand and things you need to stop trying to understand. You will have to learn to flow with the mystery, the magical, and mundane aspects of the program, too. A new life will reveal itself, unfurling its wings like the new emerging butterfly, you will have to get stronger, and there’s no end to the process so be prepared. The Universe has big plans for you. Free will means you have to agree but not agreeing isn’t smart. You seem like you’re pretty smart so I will see you around the cosmic breakroom, let’s stay connected, okay?