Sacred Curriculum

The Sacred Curriculum is thoughtfully designed for each Earth School Student. There are some basic skills every human must learn like the 3 Rs reading, writing, and rithmatic, which incidentally were defined by someone who may have been a resident of Georgia where I now reside.


But after the basics, each students’ curriculum deviates into one or more disciplines that tie to Life Purposes. Disciplines have pre-requisite life experiences and some have innate abilities attached to them. Some require very early life experiences that may seem traumatic and/or extremely intense. There are several Course Correction Protocols for those that get off-track, and there are several levels of Mastery; like the Ninja Mom, the Divine Disruptor, (Immanuel is a famous one, they usually come, do their thing and leave abruptly under less than ideal circumstance. They are seriously devoted to their Life Purpose).

There are Creatives which crosses many genres, there are Healers for the body, Healers for the mind, Healer for the spirit, there are Care-Givers … never to be confused with a martyr. My mom was a nurse by profession and a Caregiver by Divine Design. There are Teachers, Mentors, Coaches, Counselors, Inventors, Builders, Starters, Finishers, the Communicators which includes Comedians, Speakers, Writers, this list goes on and on. As you can imagine, there are a lot of disciplines which makes sense given that we have about 7 billion students currently enrolled in Earth School


The main problem is even if you can identify the discipline, it’s going to have a unique blueprint that is not likely to fit the box society wants to put you in. Man has his ideas about what you should be, do and have and I can guarantee they don’t match up to Divine idea. That’s why a certain shepherd boy was getting on people’s nerves. He was a little cocky too so I am sure that didn’t help the situation much but God called him to take on Goliath with a slingshot of all things. David said, “Sure, I was kind of bored being a shepherd boy anyway.”

David got himself into a lot of trouble but he found his way back to the Light and his relationship with the Divine is epic. He is the poster child for rising to greatness, falling into darkness, restoring his connection, and being in love with the Divine.

David is an almost perfect example with a small caveat, there is no need to free fall into a period of darkness via schemes of lust, deceit, and murder. But otherwise, he’s is a very good role model that shows the path from a humble beginning, answering the call, and rising to a royal standard while having an assailable love for the Divine. It is also worth noting that power and status can corrupt a soul but so can poverty and envy.


We must not take our blessings for granted or look on others fortune with envy. When I see someone who has prospered because they mastered a skill or way of being, I take note. I tell myself, “I’m borrowing some pages out of their book.” I want to learn from people who know, I want to emulate those who demonstrate excellence.

We are here to for our own sake but we are also here to serve one another. As our capabilities grow, we learn to empower ourselves, to course correct, and to call out the greatness in others. We reach up for help and we reach back to help. No one can be great all by themselves.

As you find your role models and mentors, you will find joy in putting your own spin on things. The Divine Design is not about making copies of masterpieces. Each piece is unique even if it is in the same species. Ever leaf, every blade of grass, every snowflake, everything has a unique signature because we are the outpouring of an Infinite Creator. Borrow from other who have accomplish great things and thing weave your unique style into it. As you do, you will find inspiration from within and without that will show you that we are creative beings always creating. It’s time to co-work our creations with The Eternal Creative Force that backs all of life.