Robin Harris

Working on client projects takes time, but I will set aside some time to create my about video soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello, glad to meet you,

I am Robin Harris. I am a technologist and a creative entrepreneur. I am a film school drop out and an award-winning screenplay writer. I love stories and the excitement that comes from combining education and entertainment. Every entrepreneur has a story to tell and a way of delivering their message that is almost magically captivating. Bringing that presence into online marketing is what I love to do. I believe the iconic shepherd turned king, David, was right on target ... We are awesomely and magnificently made ... so why shouldn't you show up that way online? There's no reason. None. You made a lot of sacrifices to hone your skills so that you could share your gifts with the world. You need to reach more people, have greater impact, and make more money. Online Marketing is a tool, you are the talent. Let's get that tool working for you and your business.


"Some people use technology to hide or put on a pretense. But the possibility of making genuine connections is far more satisfying and far more profitable! Video makes it easier to connect online.

We are Awesomely & Magnificently Made. Embrace that as a personal truth because it's your time to shine ... online... & on video!

Because you are unique!

There is something you bring to the table that no one else can bring. Let that shine through online.