Transformative Conversations

Ever had one of those deep unfiltered conversations with someone you trust. They grant you the space to be vulnerable and safe. They create sacred space for you to show up without pretense or guards up. Wow… what a gift. How often do we give or receive that kind of gift? Not often enough.

There are times and places where it’s not safe to let yourself be that vulnerable. When some people feel small they act superior, condescending, they speak with a pride that is based some altered reality that they don’t even believe in. They strut around like a peacock, they never say I’m sorry or I was wrong. They claw their way into positions of authority trying to sooth the inner wounded child and when it doesn’t work they become like the child throwing a tantrum.


Go inside and find the Light

But imagine the opposite of that. Someone who is wise and loving and speaks truth but always from a place of kindness. Settle back in your seat, let your breathing slow down as the rhythm of peace rises inside of you. Turn your thoughts down and drop your awareness into your heart space. Something is there waiting for you … it’s your Light and now have that conversation.

Say what you dare not say to another. Take off the pride, the shame, the guilt, the confusion, the fear and be naked and unafraid. Stay there as long as you need to and when you return, I will be here waiting.


Welcome back friend. I think you must have brought something back with you. An awareness, an understanding, a realization, and an assignment. The Light loves to give us assignments and little by little, Its presence begins to flow in our conversations, in the things that we do, in how we see ourselves and others. Your expression of the Light will be different from mind. You version will be fashioned to attract those you were designed to serve.

Even the places in your life that seemed so terrible are ready to be transformed int priceless antiques. They will have value when before they were just tender spots causing you pain. There is a place in the world where you are uniquely equipped to serve. No one has to certify your calling. Your collage of life experiences, dreams, inspirations, and struggles are woven into a beautiful story that will inspire others. This is the Divine Design, the Prosperity Blueprint written into your being where who you are and the tears you’ve cried are as valuable as the things you know and the victories you’ve won.


Are you ready to begin the next phase of your Sacred Work? Let’s talk, we have something very amazing in common, a very profound inner Light that wants to shine to us and through us.