Building Your Digital Ecosystem

For a modern business that is positioned to thrive, the digital ecosystem is an essential contributor to their overall marketing strategy. This is true even for traditional brick and mortar businesses. Why? Because it extends your reach and modern people are accustomed to using technology as part of their daily lives. Back in the day, being online meant sitting at a desk, booting up the computer, and going online with your dial-up Internet provider. Do you remember those days? AOL was … all that.


But today people use their smartphones and mobile devices more than desktop computers. They are online while they stand in line at the grocer, or where ever they are. This is the age of connection where people are connected through various online platforms and tools.

Do you want to leverage the opportunities that come with modern technology? The Digital Ecosystem is the basis for Content Marketing, a marketing strategy that’s consumer-friendly. It is like the vacation resort that invites you for a free weekend in exchange for attending a 90-minute presentation. That’s how my sister and I ended up with timeshare in Hawaii.

People search for relevant or interesting information all the time. The goal is for your ideal customer to perceive of you as a valuable resource. As a result, they will want to consume the information you create for them. Marketing Experts say it takes seven rounds of exposure to make a sale. That’s why we see the same commercials over and over again. In the Digital Ecosystem, the exposures are accomplished by offering different types of content for your visitor to consume.

I come from a large family. I am the youngest of nine and the sister next to me is 11 years older than me. I have grown nieces and nephews and grown great nieces and nephews. The way that I know the world has changed is when one of my older sisters text me a question instead of calling. Seriously, somebody’s, great-grandmother is scrolling through her Facebook timeline even as I type these words. We are living in a digital age of connection.


The modern digital ecosystem includes a user-friendly website, your blog and your social media. It is multi-media and may include video, audio, online webinars, conference calls, and an online community. Behind all of this is a complex collection of technologies.

The specific technologies you would use depend on the nature of your business and the preferences of your audience. Big billion-dollar brands can hire celebrities to influence their audience. They can buy 1-minute airtime during the Super Bowl and pay millions for ads. They have big marketing budgets that permits them to cast a wide net. The small business, entrepreneur, and creative usually doesn’t have that kind of money.

What you and I have is our ability to be of genuine service to others and to forge strong alliances and become a trusted resource. I call this kind of connection a soulful connection. It’s intimate, it’s personal, and it allows you to bring your unique awesomeness and nuances to the table and attract your ideal clients.