Educate The Buyer

Information can be interesting without being practical or purposeful. So let’s put that kind of info to the side and talk about helping your buyer become a more savvy buyer, to become a power user, a sage in your industry or closely aligned industry. Here’s how that works…

  • Let’s say you sell this amazing yarn. In that case, you can offer patterns and mini-courses that expound on complicated stitches found in the patterns. Or perhaps host a knitting club or a charity event to provide hats and scarves to those in need. Talk about good will. That would be an awesome way to engage your user community and be a good neighbor.
  • What if you sell used luxury cars? You can teach potential buyers the 10 things they need to check when buying a used car. Or you can teach them about detailing a car to make it look spanking brand new.
  • One more example, what if you sell an incredible protein powder. You can provide amazing recipes and food ideas that either use the powder or pair it with, similar to pairing wine with food. Do you see how that works?

Do you see how that works? You will always have complementary industries that are closely aligned with your industry. By taking the indirect pathway, your customer feels no pressure and you can genuinely be of service without focusing on making a sale. In the end, this strategy gives existing customers more reason to be repeat buyers and it also attracts new customers.

The tricky part about this is you have to be really confident about yourself as a provider/producer and you have to feel good about your product. You have to know that it’s quality, the price is right or a bargain, even if it’s expensive. Last but certainly not least, you have to come from a place of service and passion for your industry. This won’t work for those who are selling something just because it has good profit margins.

When this strategy is done right, it can actually lead to another stream of income. A local art supply chain used this strategy. They offered these amazing art classes at very reasonable prices and of course we’d buy supplies for the course at their store. Imagine offering those courses online and then have the supplies bundled with a great coupon offer or free shipping. It’s really a no-brainer.

Another benefit of this marketing strategy is you can create your best customers. Take average casual buyers and bump up their skill levels and suddenly the average person isn’t average anymore. The things you teach them prepares them to make additional purchases from you. You can also use this strategy to make sure your buyers have the prerequisite skills to make the best use of your product or service. This also cuts down on complaints and customer service requests.