What To Expect On Your Shoot Day

From the time arrived at the Video Marketing Salon up until I headed out to the airport to return home, we were going deeper and deeper into the world of video. Fun, productive, exhausting…

Dr. Shawn Fuqua, The LPC

Clients Are Surprised By The Experience

Video production is a fast paced and intensive activity that spans several days. The client has to be prepared before shoot day so there is work to do before arriving to make sure we can jump in and get started. Then the actual shoot day is a beautiful display of purposeful chaos. Make-up, arranging the set for the shoot location, setting up the lights, sound, and cameras… and then doing the test run.

Now it’s time to start shooting. Take 1, take, 2, take 3. Even if things are perfect, I like to get a minimum of three takes. But when are things perfect? To create a 2 minute reel, it takes about 90 minutes of pure shoot time and then there’s the editing phase. The client goes home, happy, proud, and exhausted, and my editing work begins.

Reflections From Back In The Day

I think I will always remember spring 1989; it was the year we made the Chill video. I was 29. My nieces and their school friends were in high school. I hired a freelance team who worked at a film studio that allowed them to use their equipment for side projects. $800 which was a lot for me back then, but even today, I feel that was a great investment. It was my birthday gift to myself and it was one of the most memorable birthday’s I have ever had. We still laugh and smile when we see the old VHS footage.

I want clients to feel a bit of that good production karma. It’s exhilarating. Preparing for your shoot day, filming, and then seeing the final product is a WOW experience. It lets you know you are doing something that matters and it deepens your commitment to bring your gifts fully into the world.