It’s Time To Say Yes

To speak truth without compassion is the turning of the blade while arrogance poisons that truth so that it cannot be heard.

But when we dare to speak our truth from love even if we must agree to disagree, a connection is made. I learned that from my Earthly father. The kindest man I know. His conviction and faith led him to become a Minister in the Church. I remember sitting at the dining room table, Bibles,  Concordances, and references spread across the table top. My father, legally blind, had several magnifying glasses to assist him in studies.


Strong roots give us a place to grow from

My roots are Christianity and I am an ordained an Interfaith Minister. I am not religious but I am spiritual. I have found my roots to be seeded from the dining room table where I sat with dad. My roots were deepened as I watched him live his faith with loving kindness. But it doesn’t stop there. As I searched for answers to my own path to God, I entered into seminary for two years. What I learned was that if any dares to look deeply, they will admit there is truth, beauty, and wisdom in most faith-based and indigenous traditions.

But mankind is a creature of duality and must choose its higher nature. Mankind has a lower nature that is steeped in fear and ignorance. This is why religions and most traditions have blemished histories that are still being acted out today. The shadow is an effect of fear, misunderstandings, and sadly, some of it is engineered to support self-serving hidden agendas. The Bible speaks of this as do most sacred text.

Love does not deceive, it is not a word divorced of congruent action, its fruit is distinguished and its ways existed before religion and will exist forever after. To me, the teachings of Immanuel are some of the most profound and empowering truths that challenge us to stop acting religious like the Pharasees and Saddicees and focus forging a personal relationship with the Divine. This kind of relationship will heal us, guide us, and overflow into expressions of abudance and generousity that we didn’t even know were possible.


Anyone that knows me, knows I adore my earthly father. My mother was for me, when she was on this earth was a living example of the Virtuous Woman. It’s interesting that I didn’t know how impactful my mother’s life was until her home-going. She was sassy, strong, caring, and a care-giver. She was fun and funny. We used to call her the Big Kahuna … not to her face of course. My father is 98 and still blessing us with his love and wisdom and his presence in our lives. Mom and dad were not saints; they were human beings, they weren’t perfect but they taught by example what it means to know and love God.

When you love God, you treat people a certain kind of way that speaks to that love. You respect the diversity in our beliefs and in our ways.  Even when you don’t agree, you try to treat people the way you want to be treated. When you mess up you say “I’m sorry” and ask for forgiveness. The greatest commandment was to love each other the way that Christ loved us. It’s sad that that is the one least practiced principals in the world. The golden rule requires us to grow up spiritually.

My sacred work is to help people discover their own capacity to shine the Light in a way that is authentic, impactful, and profitable. This is my soul work and it scares me a little bit what God is asking me to do. It’s bigger game than I wanted to play in the world. I call that the “BIG ASK”. When the Infinite taps you on the shoulder and says, “It’s time. Let’s do this.”


You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? I know you do. Many are called but they don’t all say YES. I admit I am late to the party. But as they say, better late than never. I don’t have it all figured out. I don’t have all the answers. I just know what I know and I know that I know … it’s time for people take ownership their gift and let their Light shine brightly in the world.

Let your Light shine bright

Through your personal Hero’s Journey, you will discover more and more about who you are and how this Light wants to play with you. You will meet allies, you will find mentors, you will slay inner dragons, you will face trials, experience sweet sweet victories, and you will know the Divine in a way that is epic, personal, and intimate. That relationship will form the basis of something that is so mind-blowing it will alter the trajectory of your life. But … you have to say YES to it to find out what it is.


Take a few minutes and listen to one of my meditation grooves and just let the message take you … there …